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Tires & Wheels Centre at Simcoe Honda

Driving in Ontario means ensuring your vehicle always has the proper tires for the season, whether summer or winter, and our Tire & Wheels Centre is here to help provide your vehicle with all it needs. Improving safety, and reducing cost and wear are just a few of the immediate benefits of running the correct tires, and having an off-season set. Our Tire Centre portal allows you to easily shop for tires and wheels straight from the comfort of your home. When the rubber hits the road, Simcoe Honda is here to meet you as your top tire source.

Summer vs. Winter vs. All-Season Tires

It really does matter what kind of tires you have on your vehicle, as each type was built for a specific need in mind. Summer tires are made with such rubber material to stand up to the consistent hot pavement, while winter tires have specific groove designs to improve traction for cold-weather driving, and all-season tires try to accomplish the best of both worlds, but not at the level of the specific summer or winter options. Conversely, running off-season tires does not allow your vehicle to perform as it should, remain as safe as needed, and also increases the tires’ wear. The right tires for the right season is vital, and here at Simcoe Honda we can easily swap them for you when it comes time.

Do I Need a Separate Set of Wheels?

A lot of people run their same tires all year, which not only wears them out quicker, but living in a place like Simcoe where there’s defined summer and winter seasons, you need specifically designated tires for the season. Running the same set of wheels year-round may be fine in a place that doesn't get snow or experience wild weather transitions, but in our area investing in a winter set alongside your regular summer or all-season tires for the warm months is a smart choice. Doing so increases the longevity of both tires, only running them part of the year and in the season they excel in and hold up the most, helping to prevent you from having to buy new tires more than needed.

Tire Store

All-season, summer, winter, and across all of the top tire brands like Goodyear, Pirelli, Michelin and many more, our tire and wheel store gives you access to the best of the best for your Honda. Our Tire Centre portal tool allows you to conveniently shop for tires and wheels specific to your vehicle’s year and model, with a price quote so you know exactly how much you should expect to be paying.

Current Tire Offers

We often have special offers or packages on our wheels and tires, so check back often, and double-check with our dealership as to what is currently available. Our current specials are:

  • No charge for a tire on rim winter tire swap with the completion of a B service.

If you have any questions about adding an off-season tire set to your vehicle, deciding between brands, or which ones are best for your Honda, don’t hesitate to contact us where one of our tire experts would be glad to assist.