Financial Services

Our Financial Services at Simcoe Honda

We know the vehicle buying process can be complicated, but at Simcoe Honda we’ve taken every step to make things easier for you. We offer competitive lease and loan financing rates through our Honda Canada Finance Inc. program, with financial experts who are specifically trained in dealing with Honda vehicles and their finance options. We’re a Dealertrack member, which means we have access to all major lenders, able to find you a plan that works within your budget. Our Simcoe Honda financial services team saves you time and money, so explore everything we offer to help get you in your next favourite vehicle at a great value.

Honda Leasing Program

Leasing is a blend of providing you with a new vehicle, but one that you aren’t tied down to for life. That means from being single, to being married, to having kids can all be matched up with a new vehicle under leasing that adapts to your life changes and budget needs that may fluctuate as you move along. Through our versatile lease options at Simcoe Honda, we provide both short and long-term leases, through great rates and on the Honda models you want to drive!

Financing vs. Leasing

Financing and leasing often get thrown around together when you’re looking at buying a vehicle, but how do these two options differ, and which one should you choose?

Why Choose Leasing?

  • If you love to drive the newest models every few years.
  • If you want to pay less on your monthly payments.
  • If you still want to be protected under a warranty.
  • If you drive an average amount of kilometres.

Why Choose Financing?

  • If you want to be the owner of the vehicle.
  • If you want flexible terms.
  • If you want to build equity.
  • If you drive a lot of kilometres, and don’t want extra km charges.

When you finance the payments are higher, because you’re financing the total cost of the vehicle, and it’s up to you to coverage insurance and maintenance on the vehicle. Conversely, leasing provides you with coverage, but the vehicle isn’t yours. If you’re still having trouble deciding which route is best for you and your budget, our financial team would be more than happy to help you out.

Apply for Financing


Applying for financing is simple when you deal with our Simcoe Honda dealership. All you have to do is fill out the Credit Application form below with all of your information, then one of our representatives will get back to you regarding the next steps. The form is verified and secured, so you can rest assured that your personal information will be kept private.